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Please excuse my bad watever language I am writing now as I just started learning your strange way of talking & writing !

All AbOuT MeSelf


Welcome Earthling !!! I have been waiting for your arrival ! I have worked very hard, adding all kinds of cool stuff like sounds and javascript. Therefore, I will ensure that u will enjoy your stay here. I have finally decided to cancel off all the stoopid stuff in my page. I am 15 years old and in case u are wondering wat I look like, just look at that cute face on top and you will noe wat I look like. Like u pple from earth, I also go to skool. It is the wonderful skool called Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), wif all the wonderful facilities such as swimming pools, tennis and squash courts & one damm big multi-purpose field with a running track round it. I am in class Isaiah which is the a very irritating and noisy class. My class always pisses off all the teachers *grinz*. I visit Earth everyday, and if u wanna find me, I can usually be found in bowling centers such as Victor's Superbowl, Striker's AMK or Singapore Bowling Acedemy. I enjoy bowling and my average is about 170 - 190. My personal best score is 269 which I got at Striker's AMK Bowl. Moreover, I got in the Striker's Super League. My personal best 3 game series is 701 which I scored on the same day and also in the Striker's league. I also go on mIRC and Icq. My nick in Mirc is InDZone. The reason why i chose this nick, is because it reminds me of what i feel n bowl like when i am feeling In The Zone (InDZone). heh... I usually onlie go to #Bowlerszone I also have icq n my UIN is 4679478. Add me if u want to. Well, that's definately enuff 4 an intro so let me bring you on the tour of your lifetime !

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I hope that u have enjoyed yourself throughout this journey. It has been a really tiring journey but I am sure that u have enjoyed yourself. If u find that it sux than I got nuthing to do but tell u that u got a serious judging problem ! If u have enjoyed your stay, kindly leave a note in my guestbook. I hope that u will help me invite all of your friends to my universe to let them enjoy themselves too. If there is n e thing that u find very lousy, please send me an e-mail to tell me how I can improve it. This is Bruce Lye signing off ..... hope you have enjoyed your journey ! Hope to see u next !

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This page was last updated on 26th of October 1997.

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