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bowling pins
Bowling Ball Striking My School's Crest Bowling Ball Striking
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alien alien Alien

Welcome Speech By Bruce Lye

Welcome to my very own country! As you can see , I really love bowling. Anyone who wants to have a friendly challenge, please feel free to send an E-mail to me. I would willingly take up your challenge. My average score is around 150 so I will be waiting for some fun..heehee... I am also interested in Aliens so send me any picture of any Alien that you know about.

My School

As you can see from the crest on top, I am from ACS ( Independent ). It is a ExTreMeLy WOnDerfuL school and it has so many facilities that you would leave school reluctantly everyday. I am from class 2.12 Naphtali and the teachers that teach us and the so called "pupils"(maybe) are superb. My ECAs are you know.....Bowling and Horticulture. Bowling is a core ECA but Horticulture is not a core ECA but I joined it as it is rather fun and enjoyable. Any other questions about my wonderful school, please fill in comments form and I would answer them to my best ability.

Bowling Ball pins pins pins pins pins pins pins pins pins pins Bowling Ball

My Favourite Song Group Album

2 Become 1
Spice Girls
Spice Girl

My Favourite Soccer Team


Top Row: Ray Thompson, Chris McMenemy, Keith Gillespie, Jimmy Crawford, John Beresford, Pavel Srnicek, Darren Huckerby, Robbie Elliott, Chris Holland, Ronny Middleton, Derek Wright

Middle Row: Lee Clark, Faustino Asprilla, Philippe Albert, Steve Watson, Warren Barton, Steve Howey, Darren Peacock, Paul Kitson

Bottom Row: David Batty, Alan Shearer, David Ginola, Terry McDermott, Kevin Keegan, Peter Beardsley, Les Ferdinand, Robert Lee

Newcastle Club

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How Did Smart You Find My Country?


Now that you have explored my country, be a bigmouth and tell the whole world about my country. If you find that it sucks, don't blame me as this is my first time trying this out. I would try harder on my second home page. Please send some ideas to me so that ny next home page would be a much better one.

Since 16th of March, you are the th smartest person to find my country !

All Rights Reserved @ Copyright 1997, Singapore ( JUST KIDDING )

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bowling pins